Welcome to the Dunce Cap Games Supporters Page

We are blessed to have such a strong community supporting us in this entrepreneurial adventure. Each and every customer is helping us get more gaming into the world and we are so grateful. A special thanks to our immediate family members. Especially our wives (and kids) who have to deal with us most directly and often.

To our Dunce Cap Club Members 

Thank you for your support and for joining up with the Dunce Crew on this gaming adventure. You are part of the elite and deserve all that sweet loot you are getting. You are sure to level up quickly and often.

To all of you below, we are grateful, humbled, and honored

Platinum Dunce Members

Alan and Sandy McCurdy


Super Dunce Members 

Will you be first?

Big Dunce Members 

Gabe Tripi

Lil Dunce Members 

Tony Tripi

Special thanks to our Board of Directors whose oversight will sustain us through this adventure.

John Ollila, Travis Luther, Daniel Szwalkiewicz