About Us

Launched by two gentlemen from the Pacific Northwest Dunce Cap Games builds community and enhances relationships through physical card and board games.

We are both fathers, husbands, citizens (well, one of us is Canadian) and work full time jobs AND we love games.

As fans of top-notch music, art, literature, and food, our impeccable tastes and perspective come through our company and games.

Charles Bressler, Head Chef

Charles Bressler loves games.  Not head games, but down to earth, sit around the table and communicate games.  Games that bring people together and forces them into fun and sometimes uncomfortable situations.

He grew up in Seattle's diverse Capitol Hill neighborhood which, for better or worse, has exposed him to people...a lot of people.  He has called Renton home for the last twenty or so years.

A veteran entrepreneur, Charles has started several businesses related to telecommunications and technology.  In Dunce Cap Games, he has brought together two of his loves, being his own boss and creating fun.  He is also pretty handy and likes to create lamps and furniture out of old junk, attributing this to too many episodes of Sanford and Son when he was young.

He has a fabulous and creative wife; a brilliant and successful son; and a happy and funny daughter.  Them, along with three bed-hogging dogs, make up his support group.

Growing up he played a lot of Gin Rummy, Clue and Monopoly.  Currently, he enjoys Go Fish!, Simpson's Clue and UNO with his daughter, and has an affinity for zombie and post-apocalyptic board games.


Kyle McCurdy Chief Maitre D'

Kyle is a father of two daughters and a husband to an amazing woman. They have three cats, one dog and three chickens. He lives in Renton, WA and works as a Strategic Account Manager in Seattle (at a really big eCommerce company). He grew up in Saskatoon, SK Canada and studied Philosophy at Washington State University.

This is Kyle's first foray into entrepreneurship. He has spent most of his career in enterprise B2B sales and leadership development and is incredibly excited to launch this company which is so in line with his passion for board and card gaming. 

He plays guitar and drums, enjoys painting miniatures, loves craft beer and whiskey and checking out the awesome music and art festivles in the Pacific Northwest.

The first game he fell in love with was candy-stakes five card poker which he played with his family on camping trips. His favorite game at the moment is Axis & Allies 1940 Global (even though it takes all weekend to play a game) and he loves hosting poker games.

A few other of his favorite games include: Pandemic Legacy, Dead of Winter, Shogun/Samurai Swords/Ikusa, Cards Against Humanity, Unstable Unicorns and Castle Panic.